Basilico Italia: the new culinary concept opens in Sorrento

The new “Basilico Italia” brand starts from Sorrento and will spread the skill of our pizza makers and chefs throughout the country, offering a selection of traditional gastronomy. For the choice of raw materials, the attention of the patron Maurizio Mastellone focused on the excellent products of ...
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Sorrento, Basilico Italia is born: a restaurant of excellence within the Armida Cinema

The developments of the link between food and culture are always interesting: if in Florence the directors of the Affratatamento Theater decided to open a restaurant to complement the gastronomic activity with the cultural one, in Sorrento the historic Cinema Armida responds with the announcement of...
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A Sorrento nasce un nuovo brand della gastronomia: Basilico Italia

Seventh art and gastronomy together. In fact, a new brand is born in Sorrento on the ground floor of the Armida cinema. The historic one that saw the great actors in its halls during the International Cinema Days. Because it is so, more and more cultural places welcome good food corners in their spa...
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